We have re-routed the Coastal Way along the coast between Whiting Bay and Lamlash. Part of the route follows existing footpaths, but we have built a 2km linking path along the coast between Ardlui and Cordon.

Although the new route no longer goes to Glenashdale Falls (a side trip could be taken!), it does pass through Whiting Bay, where many walkers stay overnight or stop for provisions and refreshment. The new route also takes in several interesting features and has several different underfoot conditions where before there was a long stretch of forestry track.

The 2km path we have built snakes its way on and off the beach to go around natural features and allow for variety in the walk. Approximately one third is on the beach (in sections of a few hundred metres at a time) with the other two thirds being made up of a 1m wide boardwalk in the woods just above the high tide mark.

Please note that at extreme high tide it can difficult to negotiate some sections of the route.