Spring Clean for Arran’s coastline!

Arran Coastal Way footpath workers and volunteers have taken a break from building footpaths to clear up the areas around them.

With help from COAST (Community of Arran Seabed Trust), local farmers and North Ayrshire Council, the Coastal Way team are determined to restore Arran’s pristine coastline for the benefit of the environment and animal and bird life as well as for the enjoyment of local walkers and visitors.

The south coast, which is part of the new Marine Protected Area (MPA) that COAST has fought so hard to get designated, is particularly hard hit with rubbish. However, with determination and many helping hands, it’s amazing how much can be done.

In the first of few days of clearing near Black Cave, 18 tonne bags were filled with mainly plastic debris. The McMasters of Springfield Farm went above and beyond the call of duty to not only take all the rubbish up to the road for collection by the Council, but also doing some extra work to fix the track going down to the shore to make this job easier for everyone.